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Legal Service are offered through the law firm Maisón Legal

Our Services

Company Secretarial Services

Nominee Services

Corporate Governance

Private Client Services

Directorship Services

Power Of Attorney And Proxy Agent Services

Business And Regulatory Advisory Services

Company Secretarial Services

We provide a full range of Company secretarial services and advise on registration of companies, matters relating to establishment of business in Nigeria and Company secretarial matters.

Investors and regulators are increasingly demanding that companies have a proper governance framework in place. Regular board meetings and documenting discussions and decisions is an essential step to ensuring good governance is in place. Through the provision of a comprehensive range of company secretarial and board support services, we help to reduce administrative burdens to allow companies to focus on their core business objectives.

We assist in the implementation of corporate strategies by ensuring that the board’s decisions and instructions are properly carried out and communicated and we guide directors in complying with their fiduciary responsibilities.

Our dedicated team is comprised of experienced and qualified company secretarial professionals and support staff who consistently strive to provide a service that is at the forefront of industry best practice We work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions and provide a service that is reliable, consistent and client focused.

The Company Secretarial services include:

•Convening and co-ordination of Board of Directors Meetings, Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings and other General Meetings;
•Recording, preparation and circulation of Minutes, Board packs and other Meeting documentation;
•Review of the Director’s report and Chairman’s statement which is included in the Annual Reports and Accounts;
•Filing of Statutory returns, including annual returns, resolutions, changes in the Board composition and changes in the shareholding structure;
•Maintaining statutory books and registers (including Minute books, Register of Directors and their interests, Secretaries, Shareholding, Debentures etc.)
•Effecting share allotments, transfers, transmissions and issuance of share certificates;

•Ensuring proper update and maintenance of the Company’s file at the Corporate Affairs Commission;
•Advising and effecting changes in the Company’s constitutional documentation (represented by the Memorandum and Articles of Association);
•Arrangements for Nominee directors and shareholder services;
•Providing the annual documentation required by Auditors relating to statement of litigation and contingent liabilities of the Company;
•Providing such other company secretarial services as may be required by the Company;
•Providing updates on new Company regulation developments in Nigeria;
•Maintaining the safe custody and use of the Company Seal.

Nominee Services

Maisón Nominees Limited provides professional nominee services to domestic, international and offshore Companies in order to facilitate confidentiality for their businesses thereby securing corporate and financial privacy and anonymity. Nominee services are used as a legitimate way to ensure confidentiality of personal details, protect personal information and business activities.
We are committed to providing first class support and have extensive knowledge and experience in order to provide an outstanding service. We offer Nominee Director services, Shareholder Nominee services and Asset Nominee Services

Corporate Governance

Effective governance is a key component of organizational success and is under the increased scrutiny of stakeholders, including regulators and shareholders. We provide governance services designed to assist Boards with governance responsibilities in Companies and we also provide a central source of guidance and advice to clients on matters of business ethics and good governance.

Our services include:
• Governance audit and review of an organisation’s level of compliance with corporate governance principles;
• Board evaluation and Peer Review to assess the effectiveness of the Board of Directors as a whole, Board Committees and individual Directors;
• Codification of Board and Committee Charters and to act as a road map to ensure effectiveness.

Business and Regulatory Advisory Services

Companies today operate in a challenging climate of increased regulation, heightened disclosure requirements and stringent enforcement in Nigeria and globally.

Regulations governing the operations of companies are very important and are necessary for the successful operation of business. We ensure our clients comply with the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, foreign companies are not allowed to conduct business in Nigeria until they incorporate as a local entity. 

Some of our services include advising on the optimal structure of the company, features and benefits of company structures, shareholding structure, board membership and composition, filing of statutory forms including Annual returns, changes in board membership, shareholding, location and notice of charges and mortgages, and advising on composition and alteration of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

We assist our clients in obtaining the requisite approvals from industry specific regulators, being a liaison between our client and regulators such as Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), Financial Reporting Council (FRC) etc.
We provide specialist advice and assistance on company law and corporate practice matters including advice on requirements for various business combinations, due diligence on potential target entities, company restructuring and re-registration and alteration of capital.

Private Client Services

Families with immense wealth are advised to manage such wealth, as great wealth comes with complexities, particularly where family members have assets around the world. A family’s estate planning strategy must be dynamic and customised to the individual’s lifestyle and the varied personal, cultural and financial needs of each family member.

We advise on trust and fiduciary matters to domestic and international high net worth individuals and families. 

Our dedicated team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with experience across a range of relevant disciplines and are committed to working closely to provide clients with expert advice and choices. We advise on different kinds of arrangements including family trusts, philanthropic trusts, shareholding trusts and foundations; ensuring they are optimally structured and professionally managed. 

Directorship Services

Corporate governance is a key area of focus for both investment funds and structured finance transactions, with investors requiring a more robust oversight and a birds-eye view of the vehicles in which they invest. This therefore places a higher demand and need for independent non-executive directors and directors who understand the growing legal and regulatory compliance burdens placed on those vehicles.

We provide qualified and experienced professionals to serve as independent directors on the boards of investment entities and special purpose vehicles. Our teams have varied experience across a broad range of structures and strategies and bring an unmatched level of expertise in their areas of discipline and experience. 

We take a high touch approach, striving to add value to the board’s governance process and we tailor our services to meet the client’s requirements. We ensure that our directors are experienced and well equipped to provide effective and top-notch governance solutions that help the entities meet their goals and objectives.

Power of Attorney & Proxy Agent Services

Investors are usually located in different countries and locations, and Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of their investors. We offer power of Attorney and proxy agent services. These services are usually needed where it is required that specific documentation are endorsed and executed from within a local jurisdiction or where a company wishes to be able to offer its investors the opportunity to appoint an agent to serve as proxy and vote on its behalf at shareholder and general meetings.


We provide services to clients in different sectors of business and industries, including Manufacturing, Finance, Advertising, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), Real estate, Engineering, Energy and Power, Construction, Automotive, Consulting Services, Food and Beverage.